Monday, 6 October 2008

Why are you still coming here?

All the new crap is over here!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

We've moved

Come over and say hello, and check out the new look!
The new site address is
The old re-direct, should now direct to the new site.
If you used that address and still ended up here, it's because of your browser history, try the links above instead, also you should really clear your browser history, what else might you be missing?

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We've Moved!

The new site address is is currently in the process of being forwarded to the above address and should

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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Blogger , I'm Leaving You!

I'm about to make the switch over to the "Wordpress" platform;
I've sorted the web host; "Siteground" too late if they're crap!
I've exported all the Posts and the old comments over, the new "haloscan" type, I'm afraid, don't export!
I hope you'll find the new site a bit more professional looking (not a lot!), it'll certainly be quicker to load,
There are also some new features which I hope to put to good use and others I hope to figure out eventually.
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Monday, 10 March 2008

Looks Like the Forecasters got it right!

Picture on the right shows workers putting sandbags in Clontarf in preparation for the storm with a lady struggling with her brolly

There was a hell of a lot of wind and rain this evening, the forecasters have said that this, combined with the current high tides will likely cause flooding in coastal areas.
The usual towns and villages in Dublin have been provided with sandbags and the council have put up a temporary flood wall using larger bags, along the seafront at Sandymount.
Many of the residents of Sandymount, Ringsend, Drumcondra and Clontarf; some of the places mentioned are elderly and many are uninsured /uninsurable as a similar disaster hit them only a couple of years ago.
It seems the city council is a very slow learner!
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Sunday, 9 March 2008

I thought the Welsh could sing!

Tonight most memorable was a huge Welsh guy singing along like a bag of cats to "Adeles" song "Chasing Pavements"
He was giving it loads with all the oooohs and aaaaahs and got all the words wrong, when he sang "Tasting Faces" instead of "chasing pavements", I finally broke down in tears laughing at him.
He was genuinely bewildered and seemed upset when I told him how crap he was..... in between my by then hysterical laughter!
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Driver Rear Ends a Garda car on the M50

I found this picture in tonights paper and thought,.... it must be everyone's worst nightmare;
To rear end a police car.
Can you imagine the shit this driver went through?
It happened during rush hour traffic, the police had pulled in another driver for a grilling and this idiot ploughs into the back of their 4x4..........probably on the phone ?

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Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Circus

I see Fossetts have set up the big top in the Phoenix Park. It's strange seeing the place open up to commercial ventures.

The Circus;
Family fun or animal cruelty?

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A Lovers Tiff

It always surprises me when a couple argue in the back of the Taxi, airing your dirty linen in public isn't aDublin trait.
Last nights couple turned a common enough arguement upside down.
Unusually it was him complaining that his opinion hadn't been sought, that he had a few insights into the situation to offer but he hadn't been asked for them , and how this happened way too often.
What a puny little man!
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Friday, 7 March 2008

Irish Taxi is Number One!

Thanks everyone!
One of the targets I set for this place has been reached! When you search for Irish Taxi in Google it has the number one position!
YAY! (well for the time being anyway)
It's all down to you guys logging into the site from all corners of the globe and in ever increasing numbers, I'm not sure why exactly but PLEASE!........ keep coming back!
Last Wednesday tipped the scale in Irish Taxi's favour .....with a record 945 unique visitors on the day!
I know it will dip back down again but hopefully we'll keep a few.
Sadly, the upcoming move to Wordpress will cause it to plummet down the ranks again but the new features will make it a better tool for Taxi drivers, customers, visitors to Dublin and for those who just like the gossip.
Here's the Stats for the last three days, bear in mind that prior to Tuesday the record was 369 and that was a while back, when gave us a plug.


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