Friday, 7 March 2008

Irish Taxi is Number One!

Thanks everyone!
One of the targets I set for this place has been reached! When you search for Irish Taxi in Google it has the number one position!
YAY! (well for the time being anyway)
It's all down to you guys logging into the site from all corners of the globe and in ever increasing numbers, I'm not sure why exactly but PLEASE!........ keep coming back!
Last Wednesday tipped the scale in Irish Taxi's favour .....with a record 945 unique visitors on the day!
I know it will dip back down again but hopefully we'll keep a few.
Sadly, the upcoming move to Wordpress will cause it to plummet down the ranks again but the new features will make it a better tool for Taxi drivers, customers, visitors to Dublin and for those who just like the gossip.
Here's the Stats for the last three days, bear in mind that prior to Tuesday the record was 369 and that was a while back, when gave us a plug.


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