Friday, 28 September 2007


Picked up two lads from Quinns Pub in Drumcondra

Lads: Sarsfield
Me: Sarsfield Rd?
Lads: Is that southside?
Me: Well more Southwest it's in Ballyfermot
Lads: that'll do

Drove to Sarsfield Rd fare €16, lads ring their mate,
Lads: WE're on Sarfield Rd, where are you?
Mate: Sarsfield Park.
Me: never heard of it (and thinking it might be a new apartment block) I asked was there any focal points?
Mate: "Near the BMW garage"
Me: There is no BMW garage next nor near Sarsfield Rd, where is Sarsfield Park? Which locality?.........
Me: I know Goatstown very well and there ain't no Sarsfield anything there, (thinking about the BMW garage and what sounds like Sarsfield I thought and said aloud) Larchfield Park!
Mate yeah that's it!

Drove over to Goatstown and dropped the lads there...... total Fare; €36.90 the trip to Goatstown direct would have been about €18

Black Taxi drivers complain about Racism

Concern is growing that Black Taxi Drivers are being shunned by potential passengers. such is the problem that the National Consultative Committee on Racism has asked for a meeting with the Taxi Regulator.
Black drivers have reported to the N.C.C.R that passengers have refused to enter the car even though they are the first cab on the rank and that other drivers are accepting the fare.

Tommy Gorman president of the National Taxi Drivers Union defended drivers saying they are legally obliged to accept fares and that a refusal could lead to prosecution, he also defended passengers saying that there are issues with non national drivers not knowing where they are going sometimes driving halfway around Dublin on their way home as well as some having difficulty conversing in English.

This has happened to me on occasion when a passenger tried to use my cab ahead of the one in front for various reasons; state of the car, don't like "van" type taxis, and yes because of the nationality of the driver, I always say that there is a queuing system and they must get the car in front.

I believe we should try be more welcoming to these new drivers and remember we all weren't so sure of every route starting out although I think a knowledge of English is essential.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Use Taxis, Save the planet!

While listening to BBC radio five this afternoon I heard an environmentalist recommending the use of Taxis over the purchase of a car!
He made some valid points;
It's cheaper to use Taxis for the average person than to buy/lease and run a car over a five year period.
If more people used Taxis rather than run their own car, the benefit to the Environment with the reduction in "greenhouse gases" would be immense.

So GO ON! do the right thing......... USE TAXIS!

It passed!

Well I finally got it through the N.C.T; cost €500, but the new rear lighting lens looks a lot better and I must admit she feels a lot tighter up front, much nicer drive.
Happy days!,I'm legal for another year.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The dreaded N.C.T

The National car test, Taxis must undergo this fairly rigorous test every year, pretty much every aspect of the cab is checked using high tech testing equipment.

My poor old banger was checked this morning.....result;

Two new brake hoses
New Bushing for front nearside wishbone
New CV boot front nearside
Dipped beams need to be adjusted upwards
Battery mounting needs to be tightened up
Rear nearside lighting assembly needs to be replaced (cracked)
Weld required in latch mechanism for the bonnet release

Left it with my mechanic, back for a re-check next Tuesday.

You'd swear it was a bloody death trap! it was only serviced two weeks ago!

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Monday, 10 September 2007

Landsdowne Rd Demolished

I found this amazing time lapse record of the stand disappearing;