Friday, 28 September 2007

Black Taxi drivers complain about Racism

Concern is growing that Black Taxi Drivers are being shunned by potential passengers. such is the problem that the National Consultative Committee on Racism has asked for a meeting with the Taxi Regulator.
Black drivers have reported to the N.C.C.R that passengers have refused to enter the car even though they are the first cab on the rank and that other drivers are accepting the fare.

Tommy Gorman president of the National Taxi Drivers Union defended drivers saying they are legally obliged to accept fares and that a refusal could lead to prosecution, he also defended passengers saying that there are issues with non national drivers not knowing where they are going sometimes driving halfway around Dublin on their way home as well as some having difficulty conversing in English.

This has happened to me on occasion when a passenger tried to use my cab ahead of the one in front for various reasons; state of the car, don't like "van" type taxis, and yes because of the nationality of the driver, I always say that there is a queuing system and they must get the car in front.

I believe we should try be more welcoming to these new drivers and remember we all weren't so sure of every route starting out although I think a knowledge of English is essential.