Friday, 28 September 2007


Picked up two lads from Quinns Pub in Drumcondra

Lads: Sarsfield
Me: Sarsfield Rd?
Lads: Is that southside?
Me: Well more Southwest it's in Ballyfermot
Lads: that'll do

Drove to Sarsfield Rd fare €16, lads ring their mate,
Lads: WE're on Sarfield Rd, where are you?
Mate: Sarsfield Park.
Me: never heard of it (and thinking it might be a new apartment block) I asked was there any focal points?
Mate: "Near the BMW garage"
Me: There is no BMW garage next nor near Sarsfield Rd, where is Sarsfield Park? Which locality?.........
Me: I know Goatstown very well and there ain't no Sarsfield anything there, (thinking about the BMW garage and what sounds like Sarsfield I thought and said aloud) Larchfield Park!
Mate yeah that's it!

Drove over to Goatstown and dropped the lads there...... total Fare; €36.90 the trip to Goatstown direct would have been about €18