Thursday, 14 June 2007

Roys Diary, Wednesday 13th of June 2007

Wednesday night, not usually very exciting or busy, As usual I'm late starting out, only left the house at 9:15, let's see what happens eh?

9:33pm ; If it wasn't for the Rain

Spot a beautiful girl standing on Portobello Bridge looking for a taxi, Turns out she's a Czech heading to the cinema in Parnell Street to meet her boyfriend , going to see Oceans 13.
She's been here in Ireland a year and a half now, working as a waitress in a Restaurant on Parliament Street.
She loves living in Dublin but hates the weather she'd stay here forever if it wasn't for the rain!
She's heading off to Tenerife next week where she will meet her parents and have a well deserved holiday, up to now she's only ever gone home to the Czech Republic, where she gets pulled about between friends and relatives and is made visit the Doctor and the Dentist (very expensive in Ireland)

Finish at 9:45pm

Distance traveled 3.3km, fare €9.50, tip, €2 total........ €11.50

The Video explained; Coming over Capel Street Bridge, on the right you see the Sunbeam building, it has tiled murals depicting the use and trading of soap around the world. Then at the lights where the girl looks like she's going to walk out in front of the car, to the left is the Porterhouse and on the right is The Front lounge, a popular gay bar, the small red building beside it is the restaurant Ciao Bella Roma and straight ahead you can see the town hall.

I Travel to my favourite Rank on St Stephens Green (this will be a recurring theme) via Parliament St (where the girl worked) above is a video of the Street that I took.

10:14 Kevin Myers is a Ponce

From the rank I acquire two young girls going home to their apartment in Balnagowan in the posh leafy suburb of Rathgar.
They'd been to a talk given as part of the ongoing writers festival by Kevin Myers in the Project Arts centre . He's a pain in the arse controversial, for the sake of being controversial novelist and opinion writer, once of the Times, now slumming it with the Independent. His talk was on how to be objective.,how Ironic.

finish at 10:27 distance traveled 4.1km fare €11.10 with tip I got €15 woo hoo!!

Go back to St Stephens Green again!

10:52pm Belfast is a Dreary place it seems

Yet another beautiful young girl going to Waterloo Rd! This time from Limerick, working for the bank of Ireland.
She'd been to Bruxelles off Grafton Street for a few drinks after work, being a Smoker she stayed outside at a table and was feeling the cold.
She commented on how much she loved living in Dublin and contrasted it with a recent visit to Belfast doing a recruitment drive for the Bank in Queens University, she felt the people were very diferent (colder) and that Belfast was a very Dreary place.
By the way she walks every day from Waterloo Rd to the IFSC on Dublins Northside, a distance of about 5km in 25 minutse, no wonder she looked fit!

Finish 11pm, distance traveled 2.1km, fare €6.70 with tip €8

You guessed it back to the rank on St Stephens Green!

11:15pm A Female in a male environment

Yet another young lady, this time going to Templeouge, a girl from Castleisland in County Kerry, she was left into the car by her boyfriend of three months, I'd incorrectly guessed it was a first date, she has strong hopes for the relationship, We spoke for a while about my visit to the beautiful Caves near her town.
She'd been for a few drinks in Sheehans on Gaity green, then went to Little Ceasers for a meal then back to Sheehans again, nice night!
Turns out she's a civil engineer, I asked her what it was like working in a male type of environment? she said she felt females had a good effect, making the place nicer to work in, less bad language and less of a need for stupid macho behaviour.

finish 11:31 distance6.7km, fare €13.90 with tip €15

Back to the Green we go!!

11:40 The 02 abilty Awards

Three cork Langers in tuxedos who work for a company called Healthcare 21 coming from the Gala award ceremony and Dinner in Dublin Castle, awarding disabled people who had achieved great success in the business world, they went to the Raddison Hotel,
Healthcare 21 supplies equipment to the hospital sector.

Finish 12:05 am distance9.3km, fare €17 with tip €20

Back on the Rank! Stopped off to refuel in Donnybrook met two bikers sitting on their Harleys eating Snicker bars, asked me if it was the road to Wexford told them it was, they had a tough 3 hour ride ahead of them!


Picked up a lad from Ardee County Louth going to Pearse St, he'd been to a bonding event at Leopardtown races, free drink, free booze, and he won €100 , knew I wouldn't be getting a tip because he was from Ardee, so I slagged him about his accent. You see people from Ardee cannot pronounce R and will stress their vowels forever, for example, when someone from Ardee wants to buy a Mars Bar in a shop, they'll ask for a "Maaaaaas Baaaaaaa", and when you ask them where they are from, they'll say "Aaaaaadeeeeee"

Finish 12:32 distance2.3 km, fare €6.90

Didn't make it to the rank! pick up on Pearse Street.

12:35 Dutch employer takes them shooting

Picked up a nice enough lad from Galway going to Harolds Cross, Working for Du Laga Landan, (means the lowlands in Dutch? spelling?) a sister company of Rabobank dealing solely with big business, they have their Treasury Department here because of favourable Tax breaks.
He'd been Clay pidgeon shooting out in Balbriggan , yet another bonding excersise, all these employees will be glued together soon! It seems the company does something diferent with them each month and once a year they go to Eindhoven on a big piss up!

Finish 12:49, distance 4.4km, fare €9.30 got a tenner €10

Time to go to Coppers nite club

1:09am What happens in Ayanappa stays in Ayanappa

Picked up Emma Rachael and Leanne from outside Coppers, they'd just finished their state exams and were out celebrating, ended up having a shit night in Carnival, (not their scene, full of rockers) because the fake ID didn't get Emma in to Tripod....... where the gang was.
On the way to Stillorgan with Rachael, (the other two were going accross to Dundrum) nice fare!, we came across a random Breath test checkpoint set up by the police, I told them it was coming up and that they better have the belts on, Emma was worried she'd fail the breath test, got slagged off big time by the other two for saying that!
Asked where they where going for the after exams trip and in Unison they screamed; "WHAT HAPPENS IN AYANAPPA STAYS IN AYANAPPA", somehow I got the impression it might be their Virginity!

Finish 1:35, distance 15.1 fare €27.10 with tip €30 (that's more like it!)

I took two more fares after that;
One start time 2:04 finish 2:21 fare €15.50
Next start time 2:43 finish 2:50 fare €8.50

Both were more kids from after exam bashes, the streets were now crawling with them, I had to pull in with the last guy so he could puke all over the pavement, My cue to call it a night, leave these cretins to the mugs.

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Oh yeah! Here's a crap video of my drive around the Green to my Favourite rank, I know the sound is slow and dire, but just after AC/DC start singing and before I pull up behind the Police Van, on the right is what I regard as the best hotel in Dublin; The Grand Dame of St Stephens Green .......the Shelbourne, forget about the 4 seasons and the upcoming 7 star ritz, this is the place to stay

Roy OUT see ya laters