Friday, 15 June 2007

A Taste of Dublin ( well more like a nibble)

A big theme in the cab tonight was customers disapointment with the "Taste of Dublin Experience" in the Iveagh Gardens.
This is a yearly event where the top restaurants in Dublin, (some Michelin star) come together to offer samples from their menus at "affordable" prices.
Tonight was the first night of this years run , (it's open until Sunday) but it rained continuously so the outdoor element proved disastrous.
Tim and Sarah who had traveled across from Castlebar, in Mayo, (a good three and a half hour journey) told me they paid the €25 entrance fee and queued in the rain at the Chapter one Marquee, ( a famous Michelin star restaurant) only to be told when they got to the counter that unlike previous years they needed to buy vouchers rather than give cash at the counter, seemingly they needed to find one of the guys with a blue balloon! They promptly left the event €50 poorer and without sampling any food!
John, an employee of Dell Computers who where on yet another team bonding excercise, was supplied with the entrance ticket and €20 worth of vouchers by Dell, he queued (again in the rain) for Rhodes D7 restaurant and for €7 in vouchers, got a starter portion of Duck on a bed of red cabbage, he also got two of the steak dishes in Chapter one at €6 each, he said it was nice but he had to eat them crammed up against other people in a standing position, in total Dell had paid €70 for the three starters, to be eaten standing up in a squashed marquee, good value? what do you think?