Monday, 16 July 2007

The Navigator

Had a gent in the Taxi tonight who insisted on navigating rather than telling me where he was going, the guy was a fool!

Some rules on navigating;

Never say "It was that turn there"

Never ask the driver to "turn left or right at a roundabout", here in Ireland we can only turn left off a roundabout, just say which exit to use , ie; " Leave at the second exit"

Never say "this turn or the next turn", be specific! say second(or whichever) turn on the right/left, if you wish us to ignore or not count any lane-ways that might be there, you'd better mention that too!

Remember colours don't exist in the dark! just shades of grey and black, so don't say pull in at the blue car or it's the one with the pink wall, just because you know the colour of your wall or car, I can't see it at midnight!

Better still, just tell me where you are going , I don't like mystery tours!

Rant over

Roy over and out!