Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Alternative Transport Pt. 2 ....The Luas

Luas is Gaelic for Speed and is the name for the relatively new light rail system in Dublin.

The Luas

I took the Luas from Abbey street going to the Red Cow in Clondalkin at 3pm yesterday.... Tuesday 20th of August.(collecting the car from the mechanic)
Abbey street is the 2nd stop but the tram was already heaving with people, I squeezed in and found my face in the firing line of a sweaty armpit, I took a deep breath and stuck a bit of Led Zeppelin on the I-pod....... unbelievably at each subsequent stop more and more people squeezed on, the stench of humanity becoming ever stronger and the air becoming thicker by the minute.....never again!

The Luas runs from 5am until 12:30am once again (like the buses and the trains)leaving the drunken youths to us Taxi drivers.