Monday, 27 August 2007

Wierdest job of the night!

Picked up a lad from the Merrion Rd going to Artane on the far side of the city, nearing his house he asked was there any good pubs open with "nice girls". I recommended Copper face Jacks and mentioned that everywhere would be lively given the weekend that was in it (see previous post!) He decided to turn the cab around and go there!
As we neared Coppers he made a phone call and following a discussion plans were changed and he was going to Larry Murphys on Baggot Street, a bit of a trek from where we were and I explained it was closed at this time...but he insisted.
On arrival at Larrys he called the guy again, explained we were outside, he was told to wait 120 seconds! I asked if the guy lived around there, as it was not residential and there was no-where open but as I was asking the bloke appeared with a crystal glass full of whiskey and sat in the back.
Merrion road! said the new chap in a very posh accent and continued to talk incessantly about nothing in particular for the rest of the trip, which happened to be to about 20 meters from where I picked the first lad up..........Fare €67 ! The first lad reached into his wallet to pay. at which point the lad in the back insisted that I should choose who pays, I chose the guy with the Whiskey as he'd pissed me off no end with his babbling, he said "CORRECT" and gave me €100 and told me to keep the change!