Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Christmas Carnival scaled back considerably.

The carnival in bonn;

I knew as soon as it was announced, that a Christmas carnival to be organised in Blackrock park, which was to include Fairground attractions, an Ice rink and a market, wouldn't see the light of day as proposed.
The snooty upper class residents of this area were up in arms, thinking a bunch of riff raff would descend on their leafy suburb and they immediately set about letter writing complaints to the local council.
So far, the fairground attractions are gone, sure, that would cause untold damage to the grass, don't you know!
Watch this space and see the ice rinks disappearance!
A nice Christmas market for the locals will just about survive I guess.
Shame, it would have produced good business for us Taxi drivers, as would the proposed development in the following story;
Reminds me of the uproar when a Casino, along with a hotel, gym and ancillary projects, was to be built on the site of the old Phoenix Park Race course, (one gambling den for another) but the high ho residents kicked up a fuss and now they've got a horrendous high rise apartment complex instead .........muppets!