Wednesday, 31 October 2007

I'm missing out on a busy fun filled night

I'm off work this week, well... I'm minding my son and doing some painting and decorating, whilst my wife and daughter shop 'til they drop in Chicago, Illinois, (A yearly excursion to the States for pre-xmas shopping).
Meanwhile, I'm missing one of the busiest nights of the year.. Halloween! We take Halloween very seriously over here, after all...... WE INVENTED IT! It's the "Eve of all hallows" a pagan festival when the dead roam the earth and are welcomed back into the bosom of their families, fed and entertained before "going on". Children dress up as the dead and "trick" their neighbors into giving them "treats".
I'd normally stay home and answer the door to "trick or treaters" then watch the bonfire and fireworks with the kids, afterwards head off to work one of the most eventful and fun nights of the year, Lads in dresses, French maids, sexy nurses, etc. etc. All doing their best to stay "in character", Alas this year I'll return to the decorating after the bonfire....Woe is me........HA HA