Saturday, 27 October 2007

Irish Government set to solve traffic Chaos overnight!

The Irish government has passed legislation banning 430,000 drivers from November 1.
Up to now holders of a provisional licence were permitted to use their cars whilst awaiting their test, resulting in some people driving on a provisional licence for years....... either by repeatedly failing the test or by simply never doing one!

430,00 new customers for us Taxi drivers????????

The new laws are as follows;

  • The provisional licence is being replaced by a learner permit, to emphasise the holder is learning to drive
  • The holder of a provisional license/learner permit must be accompanied by the holder of a full license (valid a minimum of two years) at all times
  • A provisional licence/ learner permit must be held for a minimum of six months before applying for a test.
  • The person who accompanies the learner is liable to random alcohol testing and ban/penalty points will ensue if found to be over the limit
  • A €1000 fine will be levied for not displaying an L plate
  • Lower speed limits for learner drivers
  • Higher penalty points for learner drivers
  • reduced speed limits for learner drivers