Sunday, 28 October 2007

It seems I could have been done for drink driving!

Beware! This could be you, if you're conscientious about dental health.
As mentioned in a previous post I've been dieting, the method I chose, "Lipotrim" causes the body to go into "ketosis" which means fat is burned at a fast rate, the downside of this is very bad breath, not an admirable quality in a Taxi driver!
To offset this I've been gargling "Listerine" mouthwash a few times each evening, (I'm sure fellow drivers thought I was puking out of the door of my cab on the rank!).
It seems Listerine, along with all the other proprietary mouthwashes are 20% proof and simply by following the instructions and gargling for 30 seconds will fool the breathalyser into believing you are up to 4 times the legal limit!
Thankfully I'm finished the diet and can revert to sugar free gums (they were banned on the diet)

Out of interest an average of 400 people per week are arrested for drink driving in Ireland.

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