Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Taxi driver "fears for his own life and will never drive Taxi again"

The Taxi driver in who's car John Daly was assassinated (see earlier post) has spoken to the papers;
Mike, aged 40, a father of 4, including a 3 year old baby, has been a taxi driver in Dublin for 16 years, says he now fears for his own life after witnessing the murder and will never again drive a Taxi.
Recalling the horrific incident, he remembers catching a glimpse of a figure to the left of the car when suddenly the passenger window exploded, he instinctively turned to his right to avoid the glass as 5 more shots where fired into his cab,the police say this is what saved him being shot. He tried to get out of the cab but John Daly's body had slumped over him, stopping him doing so.
Since the event he finds himself repeatedly saying in his mind "please, please, please, please don't shoot me. He says he checks himself constantly, feeling the sensation that he is bleeding along his left side where John Daly fell against him, and is certain that the killers will come and target both him and his family.