Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Name Dropping

I recently had David Kelly in the cab (He was the Grandfather in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the one with Johnny Depp) So I thought I'd do a name dropping post of famous? folk I've had in the cab, All are Irish and most are famous only in Ireland/UK but hey you can't have everything!

David Kelly;

I brought David home from the theater, he waxed lyrically about old Dublin, surprised me by saying he's never driven a car!

James Nesbit; Very popular TV Actor in the UK

Collected him from a wrap party in the Portobello pub going to the Morrison hotel, two girls that were getting into the car as I dropped him decided not to bother and followed him, so he owes me!

Paul Mc Grath, Ireland Manchester United and Aston Villa defender, picked him up in Ranelagh and brought him to Lillies Night club, he was a perfect gentleman;

Stephen Gately; Singer with now disbanded Boyband, Boyzone.Brought him to the Cedar tree for a Boyzone book launch. Now strutting his stuff on the stage in Londons West End. Only Celebrity I've ever asked for an autograph......my daughter was a huge fan at the time.

Paul Brady; Famous Irish singer songwriter, has had his songs performed by Tina Turner, My favorite song of his is "the Island" brought him to the Airport,I was surprised he had an interest in the Irish entrant to the Eurovision Song contest and asked me to higher the radio volume when it came on.

Kian from Westlife, another Boyband! I brought him and his girlfriend to a bungalow in Stilorgan after a gig

Pauline Mc Glynn, Mrs Doyle from "Father Ted" a complete nutcase had me laughing the entire trip, brought her home from as charity event in Royal Hospital in Donnybrook.

Samantha Mumba, Singer/ Model and Actress one word.......beautiful

Pete Postlewaite, Brought him from South William Street to rathgar , very quiet journey

Other celebs have been Irish soap stars, DJs and politicians, so I won't bother!