Monday, 29 October 2007

Prostitute has some good advice for Pharmacists

A girl flagged me down on Baggot Street bridge, from a distance she looked a pretty young thing, quite leggy, blonde...... a head turner. I stopped to let her in and instantly recognised her as being a prostitute, the slow Dublin droll, the gaunt pasty look, and the overwhelming smell of talc.
The speech, slow and dreamy, to me is associated with drug abuse, everything seems to slow down somehow.
Rialto love, she said, then on to Drimnagh, I have to pick up a message.
This is typical, she was picking up her drugs, a catch 22 if ever there was one, she works to feed her drug habit, she does drugs in order to be able to work.
By right I shouldn't allow drugs in my cab, I could end up losing my license, but every passenger, regardless of "class" might have some, and who am I to make assumptions.
A message, I said, Heroin or cocaine?
Both, she said, I need the smack to come down off the coke.
Snorting or shooting the coke? I asked.
I inject it into my groin, she said, I'm very lucky, I inject it into the same spot every time, I just pick off the scab. Some of my mates have no veins left.
I nearly puked!
The pick up was swift enough, in a garage in Rialto, she got out, a car pulled in and the deal was done, as far as I was concerned, she was getting sweets!
When she got back into the car there was a noticeable difference, her speech sped up, she was sweating, anxious to get her "hit" I reckoned.
Will you stop off at the garage in Crumlin? she asked, appologising for being a pain.
No worries, I said, you need some smokes?
Nah, just getting sweets, bang went my excuse to the guards then!
She came back to the car at the garage with a plastic bag, crammed full of Kinder chocolate bars, what the F**k? I said.
AWW jaysus! she said, you get ravenous for choccy after the buzz, you know how the Chemists are moaning about not making money from the methadone dealing? Well they should stock up on the "kinders" and they'd be raking it in!
I wonder how long she has left on the planet?...poor girl.

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