Monday, 12 November 2007

Am I Insensitive?

Wasn't at work tonight so this is a Pedestrian tale;
I was out walking the dog, She was on her lead and we were on the footpath, coming towards me was a guy on a bicycle, I could see he was nervous and unsure how to cope with the situation, now normally I'd pull in the lead and have the dog in tight, but as I was carrying groceries I couldn't, I don't have one of those crazy long leads, it's about a meter long. I felt the guy should have moved onto the road where he belonged, but he attempted to pass, he panicked then fell over in a heap onto the road, I laid down the groceries, intending to assist him, but he howled a pile of abuse at me, I looked at him, told him to F**k himself, picked up my shopping and continued on my walk.
Was I a tad insensitive?