Sunday, 25 November 2007

Blah Blah slap in the Jaw

I picked up this gentleman on Dame Street with his partner, he sat in beside me his partner in the back.
"Smithfield" he said in a strong Eastern European accent, Russian I thought, he then began chatting away to me in what I assume was Russian, which is fair enough so long as he didn't expect much in the way of replies, it was a bit of a problem that the unintelligible conversation was interspersed with jabs in my chest, my now quite pert moobs being felt(after the diet) and my hair being tossed, all this accompanied by what sounded like a demented Santa laughing, this might have made sense if I'd known the language and understood the significance of the gestures.
Thankfully it was a short trip, the fare came to €7.50 but the guy handed me €20. said "you Keep", "you best Taxi", "You Number one".
Strange job but hey! €12.50 tip.... Not too shabby either!

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