Friday, 2 November 2007

Brand new car for €1,400

TATA the indian car manufacturer will officially launch here next year but according to the paper tonight is freely available to the Irish buyer right now! To date only one has been purchased. When i find the one for €1,400 i'll post a picture ...I promise!!

I've had a look and so far found these;

This one, the TATA Indica... ex showroom for about €6,500

Or I like the look of this one... The TATA indigo ex showroom for €8,000
Would it be big enough for a Taxi...... I wonder?

Stop press.... this is only €8,500!

update the €1,400 car is an aspiration i knew it was too good to be true!
From the site;
Tata speaks about the Indian group's international strategy, his plan to create a $2,200 "people's car," his vision of India as a knowledge center for the world, and his dedication to the social responsibilities required from companies operating in developing markets.

On the car:

"Today we're producing a $7,000 car, the Indica. Here we're talking about a $2,200 car, which will be smaller and will be produced in larger volumes, with all the high-volume parts manufactured in one plant. We're also looking at more use of plastics on the body and at a very low-cost assembly operation, with some use of modern-day adhesives instead of welding. But the car is in every way a car, with an engine, a suspension, and a steering system designed for its size. We will meet all the emissions requirements. We now have some issues concerning safety, mainly because of the car's modest size, but we will resolve them before the car reaches the market, in about three years' time.

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