Thursday, 22 November 2007

Contraflow Bus Lanes ...A RANT!

  • Definition; Contraflow Bus Lane - A Bus lane that flows "contra" to the traffic (the wrong way down a one way Street)
Examples of Contraflow Bus Lanes; St Stephens Green and Leeson Street.

This is a Rant against some other Dublin Taxi drivers.

Taxis are NOT allowed use contraflow Bus Lanes, if you have a license you're supposed to know this, so why do some drivers decide to use them?
Tonight I was second car off the green going to Rathmines, the first car took off down the Bus Lane and my Passengers expected me to follow, now why would I do that?
  • It's illegal, carries a €50 fine and 1 penalty point, (not obeying a road sign)
  • I've seen dozens of Taxis stopped by the police there
  • Best case scenario, even if I'm not stopped the fare is about €3 less
So why do it? and tonight I had to put up with a thick atmosphere and moaning from my passengers all because of this fool!

While I'm at it, there is NO right turn at the end of Harcourt Street, queue to turn left like the rest of us!
Walk around your Cab before you start work and make sure your bleedin' lights are working and your tyres are safe, peoples lives are in your hands.
The number on your roof sign is supposed to be Kerbside.
And last but by no means least, Just because your Sat Nav tells you to go down a one way street, it doesn't mean you can! I reckon the number of people doing this has increased in line with the number of Sat Navs sold.


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