Sunday, 18 November 2007

It's Payback Time Rebecca

Last night (Friday) I spotted an obviously very drunk girl trying unsuccessfully to flag down a Taxi on Earlsfort Terrace. I decided I would risk it and stop for her.
She just about managed to tell me where she was going, so off we went.
Soon after, whilst going through Rathmines in heavy traffic and whilst still moving, she flung open the door! I quickly stopped the car and at this point she got out of the cab and meandered off down the Road, leaving me stranded and her designer handbag sitting on the back seat.
Tonight (Saturday) I brought the bag to her house, (there was a letter from Revenue in the bag).
I intended explaining to whoever answered the door in no uncertain terms exactly what had happened last night and at a minimum demanding my Fare for the expedition.
When the door was answered,I presume by her younger sister, I asked did A Rebecca live there? and when the girl said yes, I handed over the bag, saying only that Rebecca had left it behind in the car.
Her sister was trilled and thanked me profusely, she obviously knew about the lost bag.
I had decided just as the door was opened that this post would be payment enough....
Rebecca... I hope you read this and wilt!