Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Killing of John Daly

Jason O' Toole of Hotpress surmises how events may have played out;

On the night of the murder, the killer had a ticket booked in his name to the UK. He arranged for a look-alike to fly out on his passport. Thus he had constructed a simple but brilliant alibi. How could he have killed Daly if he was already out of the country when the hit took place?

Daly had been, it is believed, partying the night away with two friends in the Spirit nightclub on Abbey Street. There, they met three women and invited them back to Finglas for a “house party”. But they had been followed for the whole night. The killer was lurking in the shadows and, as a taxi pulled up to take Daly party-wards, he quickly pounced.

It happened in a blink of an eye. The taxi driver looked on in horror as his new front seat passenger was blown away. Daly’s body fell across him, pinning him in position and the killer continued to pump bullets into the criminal. It was a horrendous scene, made all the more harrowing by the screams from the back seat.

The getaway car was found later in the nearby area of Scribblestown, which is also on the way to Dublin Airport. The killer left Dublin on a flight to the UK, later that same morning, using his look-a-like’s name and passport. He left with a e10,000 “deposit” of the e50,000 promised for the job.

All he has to do now is come back to collect the rest of his fee. Or will it be so simple? He’ll be hoping that none of Daly’s associates are out there, hell bent on retribution. When you think about it, that’s a proposition on which Paddy Power would almost certainly offer very good odds indeed.

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