Saturday, 3 November 2007

Marian Keyes becomes a customer for life

After being involved in a minor road accident, the famous author is hanging up the keys to her €200,000 Masaratti Quatro Porte..... "for good and for life" she says.
After parking her car on the "wrong side of the road", this is not an illegal maneuver here in Ireland ....(maybe some thought should be given to that?) She forgot to take off the handbrake and consequently she had difficultly leaving, when she did spot an opening to exit the parking spot, she panicked, then bunny hopped into the side of another car.It could happen to a bishop Marian!
Does this mean she'll become a customer of Dublin's Taxi industry for life? Or will she hire a driver for he car?
If the latter is the case, let me be first on the queue for the appointment, this is one lovely lady with a lovely car.... Sounds like the best job in the world.
In all seriousness, I hope Marian re-considers and takes to the road once more , we all have our little mis-haps from time to time and I'm sure the experience will make her a better driver in the future.

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