Monday, 5 November 2007

Naas (35km) and Back! good......not!

I wasn't planning on working tonight, my wife just got back from her trip to Chicago and I'd planned to stay in and have a chat, maybe watch a movie, Jet lag intervened and by 9:30 she was hanging on by a thread, at 10:15 she was in bed asleep, by 10:45 I had resolved to head out to work, another night looking at the tv/pc would have done me in.
First job after a week off, was from the rank in St Stepens Green, She was being held up by him, an inane grin on her face, as we say in Dublin "she was locked", "out of her bin" , "twisted". I must have been soft after the week off, because normally I'd have said she needed a walk to sober up first, but I allowed them in..."Naas" he said, Oh shit, I thought, she'll never last....."Grand" I said, "Naas it is".
She fell asleep instantly and he talked about nothing in particular, there were a few funny smells emanating, once I thought she'd shat herself, but it didn't last long enough, thank god!
We arrived in Naas.... €51 paid, checked over her ass and the back seat, no dampness, so all clear there as well!
While taking the photo above, a lad appeared out of no-where, gave me a shock! said he'd had a row with his girlfriend, had gotten out of the car for a pee and she'd driven off, his wallet and phone were in the car and would I please bring him into Dublin town. Now I really must be going soft, because I knew this was a chancer but thought; ah I'm going back anyway, I'll give the eeegit a lift.
He asked did I believe him? and I said "no not a word, but I'm feeling generous", he admitted to lying and said he'd just left a party, said he'd leave a glowing report on his Bebo page, I said "you won't, you'll leave a glowing report on my Blog, that's the fare!"
I gave him the address on the back of a receipt, I bet he doesn't do it!