Monday, 12 November 2007

Part time Dad

It was a toss up between a few mildly interesting jobs tonight, this one got the nod;
I picked up this lad in Ringsend, he said he'd just finished decorating his ex-partners flat.
Surprised by this, I said it was unusual for EX couples to be that friendly
He agreed, saying it had turned out well, that his 6 year old son didn't even know he'd left, this after 18 months!
He explained how he had his son every weekend and that before he left he worked late, so rarely saw the boy on weekdays and so his son assumes things are the same, only they stay with nanny at weekends because she's lonely.
I said I hoped it all kept fine for him, but felt he'd have to tell his son fairly quickly and said how amazed I was his EX had never bad mouthed him and said he'd gone.
She said she'd only bad mouth him and turn the son against him if he ever had a child with another woman
Hmmm...... there's a time bomb waiting to explode!