Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Roadname signs in Ireland

Sorry about the picture (again) I take them at night and I don't go down Bigger Rd in the daytime.

This is a typical sign giving the road name, normally they are about 2 feet off the ground bolted to a garden wall, two American girls in the cab once thought this was very funny, as a car parked in front blocked them and often hedges grow over them, this had never occurred to me prior to them pointing it out.

It is the Law in this country that all road signs are bi-lingual; Gaeilge and English. I don't have a problem with this, it helps us keep in touch with our roots, but Bhiger is not Gaelic for Bigger, surely it should read Bothar Mor?

The number 12 is the postal district, all even numbers are Southside of the River Liffey, and odd numbers are Northside, with one exception; The President lives in the Phoenix Park which is north of the liffey but is designated Dublin 8, sure you couldn't have the President living on the Northside.

Who calls a road Bigger Road anyway? Inferiority complex maybe?

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