Sunday, 11 November 2007

Roy meets an EX!

I picked up some girls outside the RTE television studios tonight, they'd been at The Ryan Tubridy Show and were laden down with gifts each member of the audience received.
They wanted to go to Rathfarnham, drop off the gifts in one of their houses, then go on to a night club in Churchtown.
As we passed a particular housing estate, one of the girls said to her friends it was where both her parents had come from, this struck me as I'd grown up in the same estate and wondered did I know them. "Did you say your parents were from that estate?, What is there names? I asked.
It turned out that her mum was an ex girlfriend of mine and that her Father was the guy she had left me for, a mate of mine! (some mate eh!)
I told the girl her mother had been an EX girlfriend and she was astonished! she asked my name and when I told her, she actually recognised it, seemingly I'd been a topic of conversation!
It transpired that it was at her house we were dropping off the gifts, so it was arranged that the girl in the passenger seat would drop in the gifts and when the door opened I shouted to my ex, "How are you pet!" she came over and seemed happy to see me and we exchanged the usual greetings, I asked how my old mate was turns out he's a Taxi driver too!

Confession time, the above story isn't exactly true, it was relayed to me by my wife , the daughter in the tale was MY daughter, the drivers Ex was MY wife, and the guy who stole the girl was ME! The driver was an old mate that I haven't seen in years!
RL if you ever read this...."howya me auld mucker!?"