Saturday, 10 November 2007

The sad demise of Ballsbridge Hotels

The once great 5 star Hotels of Ballsbridge, The Berkley Court, and Jurys were sold to a developer and closed pending planning approval for Office /residential towers.
In the meantime, while approval is being sought, they have been re-opened as budget "room only" hotels going under the name, if you are coming to Dublin you could do a lot worse than stay here, you'll have most of the luxury without all the expense.
Ballsbridge is a lovely area, tree lined avenues with perfectly maintained Georgian houses, Rolys bistro in the village is still one of the best eateries around and the American Embassy, fondly know locally as the Christmas cake resides there, I'd prefer it was somewhere else, it's a fine piece of architecture but is really out of place in Ballsbridge!

American Embassy Dublin;