Friday, 23 November 2007

"Seaview Terrace Donnybrook?...sorry, I've never heard of it."

I hate having to ask where an address is, it seems very unprofessional but it happens from time to time, never.... before tonight, have I not known a street in the town I grew up in, Donnybrook,and the name had to give a clue, but this place is a bit of an oddity.
"That's fine" she said "do you know Nutley Rd?"
"Of course"
"well one side of that street is called Nutley Rd and the other is Seaview Terrace"
"so they're both the same street! how come it's called Seaview? you can't see the sea from there!"
"back in 1820 when Seaview Terrace was built there was no Nutley Rd, all the land to the east has been reclaimed from the beach."
"well I never knew that, interesting"

Sure enough, when we got to Seaview Terrace the road sign was there bolted to the wall and directly across the road was another, proclaiming the same stretch of road to be Nutly rd. I've walked that road thousands of times on my way to the beach, I never knew it had two names or that the bastards had added a mile to my walk!