Monday, 5 November 2007

Surrounded by "Jobsworths"

I went down to the Aldi supermarket in Rathmines earlier, they were selling windscreen wipers, Hydraulic Jacks and Headlight bulbs cheap (all useful stuff to have in the boot..errr Trunk?(by the way, I really don't expect anyone to buy anything... it's just for a laugh.) Anyway I was behind this man who was in his forties with a trolley load of shopping and as an impulse purchase picked up a tray of cheap beer near the checkout. The girl asked for ID! the man looked incredulous and said "I'm 47 F.F.S! the girl put the beer behind the till and said "it's more than my jobs worth" Same guy was leaving the store with the trolley and was stopped by security and asked for a €50 deposit if he wanted to take the trolley from the store, "but that's my car just there you can see me load it!" sorry sir it's more than my jobs worth" He didn't have €50 on him and had to transfer the shopping from the trolley to his car bit by bit, he didn't purchase any bags either, bags aren't given free with shopping here it's against the law, sure it'd be more than their jobs worth to throw in a few!