Monday, 26 November 2007

Taxi regulator sets New Standards for Vehicles

I better buy myself a torch then;

Standard Taxis and Hackneys:
(For new applicants from 01/01/09, existing licence holders from 01/01/12)
• Vehicle age of not more than nine years
• Luggage capacity of 420 litres
• Small cars, i.e. those not capable of seating four adult passengers in comfort are
no longer permitted

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles:
(For new applicants from 2008, existing licence holders from 01/01/12)
• New Category of wheelchair accessible hackney
• Vehicles capable of seating one person in their wheelchair and at least three
adult passengers
• Wheelchair accessible vehicles will now meet the requirement to meet new EC
directive regarding safety standards for all vehicles
• Goods vehicles converted to wheelchair accessible vehicles will no longer be
permitted, conversions should be made to passenger vehicles instead

(For new applicants from 01/01/09, existing licence holders from 01/01/12)
• Modified vehicles or stretch vehicles will now require an engineers report prior to
• Further consultation with the industry regarding categories of limousines and age

All SPSVs will be required to have:
(For all licence holders from 01/01/09)
• Good standard of cleanliness
• Safety equipment including a fire extinguisher, First Aid kit, advance warning
triangle, high visibility reflective vest
• Pen and paper

Rainbow posting .....nice

I'd have thought they'd have been a bit higher to be honest

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