Saturday, 17 November 2007

This made me go all fuzzy inside

I came across this when looking through "recent came from" in Statcounter;

one more Irish blog...

Okay, I found one more blog that I want to share. It's called Irish Taxi. Roy, the Dublin taxi driver, blogs about what's going on in the city, but the best part is his stories. Whenever he gets an interesting fare, he'll get online and post about it. Not only are they funny, but you get little snippets of Irish slang, which I think is totally cool. One post has an audio file of how to speak Dublinese. It's pretty funny. So, if you want to check out something a little different, check out Irish Taxi.

How nice is that! it was on Tricias Site called The Endless Pursuit of Life (take a look)It's all about her encounters and there's a lovely piece about her dream of one day visiting Ireland