Saturday, 1 December 2007

Everyone seemed to want to argue tonight!

I didn't start work until 1:15am, so I guess I started right in the height of the busy period without any easing in.

First job was two girls and a lad, the lad thought the door seal was a seat belt and so ripped it out of its socket, he thought this was very funny and to be honest I didn't mind too much, as it had happened before and I knew it could slot back in easily enough, but one of the girls who hadn't seen what had happened and wasn't in the mood for listening complained that a Taxi shouldn't have bits hanging off like that and she had a mind to report me!

I then got a guy who said he was going to Artane Castle and then promptly fell asleep, so I drove to Artane castle and woke him up. He got into a proper strop saying I'd past his house which was off the Malahide road. I explained that he had said Artane Castle when he got in, he argued that that was just a local landmark and that he was only going to pay his normal fare which was about a Euro less than what was on the meter. I didn't argue, brought him home and accepted his offer.

Next up was a guy off the top of Harcourt Street going to Rathmines, I said he'd be better off getting a cab at the junction a few yards back as Harcourt Street was one way and I would have to travel a big circle in traffic just to get back to there. His immediate reaction was that I was refusing the fare and that I had to take him, so I said it was no bother to me and to get in. Three minutes later his mind seemingly wiped clean of the previous chapter, he was complaining about the traffic and of how we were going around in a big circle! By the time we were nearing the spot where he got into the car he was apoplectic and threatening violence. I pulled in alongside two Gardai and explained what had happened and they then tried to reason with him with no effect. Eventually he got out of the cab and walked off yelling abuse, I was just happy enough to be rid.

Thankfully it got better after that.......but there's no doubt about it...... the silly season has kicked off.