Monday, 24 December 2007

Garda appeal to Dublin Taxi Drivers;

Serious Assault Camden Street on the 17th December at 12:30am

At approximately 12:30 am on the 17th December a serious assault took place in Flannerys Bar, Camden Street. A young manwas struck in the face with a pint glass in a completely unprovoked attack. The young man has received over twenty stiches as a result.

Were you in the vicinity of Camden Street at this time?
Did you pick up a fare from either a single male in his twenties, or a group of males, where one was agitated, or appeared to be suffering from a hand injury, or was it bleeding?

If you have any information in relation to this matter, please contact either of the following;

  • Sergeant Kevin Joyce - 01-6669500
  • Sergeant Francis Byrne - 01 - 6669500
All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence

I was given this by a Garda outside Flannerys last night, there were 4 of them handing out leaflets and making inquiries of Taxi Drivers, the cynic in me thought this was a lot of Garda time for an assault case and wondered if maybe the victim was a fellow member?

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