Monday, 17 December 2007

Gimme a Medal

I was driving through the Artane roundabout on my way back from Malahide after dropping off a Rep from his Christmas party, when I noticed something on the passenger seat.
It turned out to be a keycard for a Renault Laguna. I remembered the Rep telling me that he drove one while we were chatting (I was once a Sales Rep and was reminiscing with him).
He'd also said he was to be in Navan the following morning for an important meeting and that was why he'd left the party early.
I drove back the 6 or so miles to Malahide to the corner where I'd dropped him earlier, parked up the cab and walked along the road looking into the gardens for a Renault Laguna, (He'd said he wanted a smoke on the walk to the house)I was feckin' freezin' in a short sleeved shirt and it 2 degrees out! Anyway I found the car knocked him out of his bed and gave him his key (I needed to be sure it was him!) he was initially angry at being got out of the Leaba but was very pleased when he realised why.
I refused any recompense and put it down as my good deed for the Christmas.
That's it though, I can now be a mean bastard for the rest of it!
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