Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I've gone Dual fuel

First thing tonight I popped into my local service Station to fill up the tank, after putting in a little over €10 worth of petrol I remembered my Cab takes Diesel!
I ran through the scenario in my head;

  1. ring a breakdown truck and get the Cab dropped off at Stu's garage......€90
  2. Stu empties the tank................€70 including the lost petrol and earnings
  3. Re-fill the tank, no real cost ........I'd have to do that anyway
Total €160

Instead I went straight to step 3 and diluted the Petrol with €45 worth of Diesel hoping for the best. I drove off the forecourt with a little concern and reckoned I'd know one way or the other after a couple of miles.
Thankfully the car seems to have suffered no ill effects and I've topped up the diesel again do dilute the mixture even more.
Normally I like to see comments for my posts but this time I know I'll be told of the incredible damage I've caused to the Cab!
So I'll get my defense in first...............Sure it can't be that different to the additives I put in to clean the widgets prior to the annual test??????????????????
And if the government offer a grant for greener dual fuel cars tomorrow, I can now try putting in a claim!!