Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Meter Watchers

These are classic, folk with a certain amount of money left but are too embarrassed to say, so when the meter matches their pocket they shout stop!.
The two lads tonight were obvious from the outset, "Head out the Stilorgan Rd" they said, now the Stilorgan Road, fondly known as the dualler runs from Donnybrook past Stillorgan and on to Bray, about 25 miles I'd say, So I asked whereabouts they where going? "we'll let you know when to stop" immediately I realised their plight and wondered how much they had, I guessed around €9
just for my own amusement.
At €11 I heard them whispering to one another so knew we were getting close, one lad thinking it was €10, the other pointing out the €1 extra that had to be added. We were coming up to the flyover for U.C.D (We'd be going under unless I was told otherwise) and pedestrians aren't allowed on the road there, but I felt these guys would have got out saying they were hobbits or something if the magic figure was reached.
Luckily we made it through and at €12.70 they called time, nowhere near a residential area, but at least there was a footpath and they seemed fit enough.