Monday, 3 December 2007

The nights most memorable

1, The Racist......One of our own;

Picked up this guy that had been standing beside another cab which was pulling away when I arrived. i assumed it was a two car job but I was wrong. my new passenger had refused the previous cab because the driver was black. This type of thing sickens me and what made it worse was he turned out to be a fellow cabbie!

2. Have A Coke;

Another fare was a lad who was sat beside me dipping his finger in a plastic bag and applying it to his gums. When I eventually realised this was cocaine I was livid! I yelled at him to "get that stuff out of my sight" and "what did he think he was at?" He appologised showed me the bag, said it was now empty and that he'd been out of order, opened the window and chucked the bag out.
He then turned up the radio, complimented me on the music and bopped in the seat.
The audacity of him!

3, Stung by an Aussie;

At 10pm; a quiet time of the night I picked up an Aussie girl and an Irish couple going to Stepaside, a nice longish trip ....Perfect!
As we drove along the couple were discussing how they were going to organise collecting the car in the morning and how they hoped it wouldn't be clamped.
At this point the Aussie girl piped in and said they should have said, as she could have driven the car, that she was fully insured and hadn't been drinking.
I was promptly asked to stop the car, a short discussion took place and they paid me and left, what would have been a €30 fare ended up being €6