Friday, 7 December 2007

No lesson learnt fom Katy French Death

I had multiple conversations tonight with folk about their reaction to the death of Irish model Katy French, who only last week was all over the papers celebrating her 24th birthday.
Although not confirmed, speculation is rife that the seizure she had was the result of taking cocaine, with many doctors appearing on TV shows and Radio explaining the effects of the drug and how such a seizure may occur.
I was dismayed tonight, one by the sheer number of my passengers that admitted using cocaine and secondly and even more-so by their refusal to accept the same might happen to them.
They said things like "She must have ingested it" , "It was a pure batch from the shipment that went overboard in Cork", "It was damp Cocaine" All of which could never happen to them.
They argued how it was better than Alcohol, "users where less aggressive", " less damage was done to organs", and best of all "not fattening"
How many have to die before these idiots wake up?
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