Sunday, 30 December 2007

Note to Tourists!

It's a good idea to know the address of where you are staying, the French couple I picked up last night didn't bother with this most basic of principles.
They got into the cab and admitted straight away they had no idea where they where going. This aligned with their very poor English and my zero French made for a very poor outlook.
After a LONG "conversation" we figured out that they were staying with a friend, a fair distance out from town. (they'd paid €13 for the inbound trip in the Taxi).
That afternoon they'd been in the city centre with their friend and had used the 77 bus, I had a vague idea this went to Tallaght but I wasn't sure of the route, they also had two Luas tickets (tram) one from Abbey street in the city centre and one from James Street. It transpired they'd gone from Abbey street to James Street to go to the Guinness Storehouse Museum and had gone home from the James Street stop travelling a further 7 or so stops away, they then had a ten minute walk.
I'd picked them up in Rathmines and we hadn't moved an inch but the meter already read €10.70, we linked up with the Luas line in Inchicore and followed it along to Bluebell where they asked to get out,they "seemed" to recognise a few stops along the way, the fare at that stage was €19.90 ....I'm not sure whether we'd reached the designated stop or they'd run out of money, but I'd had enough of the detective work and left them to it.

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