Saturday, 15 December 2007

Ronan Lawlor missing in Argentina / Chile

Ronan Lawlor is an Irish lad who has been missing since November 18th, he was last seen on the border between Chile and Argentina

If you know anyone living in or backpacking around these areas, Ronan's family have asked if you could contact them and ask them to pin the following details on Hostel/ restaurant etc. type walls;

Ronan Lawlor
* Tamano: 1 metro 78 cm
* Ojos: Verdes/ azules
* Complexión: Delgado
* Nacionalidad: Irlandes
* Ocupacion: Ingeniero Quimico
* Edad: 28 anos
* El es muy sociable y divertido. Lo estranamos mucho.

* Height: 5ft10"
* Eyes: Greenie/Blue
* Build: Slim
* Nationality: Irish
* Occupation: Chemical Engineer
* Age: 28
* He is very Sociable and Outgoing [/center]

This is the last post in Ronan's Blog
Alright folks,
I hope everyone is keeping well at home or on your travels. Currently I am in Argentina and I am loving it! Everything you have heard about Argentina is true... the steaks really are as big as your head, and damn tasty too! And the people really are beautiful, as are the cities and landscapes which are mercifully back at normal altitudes making getting about much easier!

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