Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Step away from the Cab!

These two were arguing as they approached the rank, I thought, "here goes, another counseling session" but no, it was yet another typical occurrence;
She held the rear door handle with no attempt or intention of opening it, it was just a threat, he pleads with her to talk it over and so on and on this charade goes.
Meanwhile 4 girls arrive at the rank, get into the car behind me and off they go, now that was a €7.10 fare even before it took off!
When yet another fare arrived and left without me I'd had enough! I blasted the horn and gestured at the girl to either get in or move the fuck away from the cab! She was a little peeved at her game being disturbed but thankfully they continued their argument away from the rank.
The girl that did take my cab only went to Harrington Street.... a €5.10 fare! making me pissed off enough to write this!
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