Thursday, 13 December 2007

Stung by a Pisser!

This hasn't happened in ages, I knew she was a likely candidate and checked her as she left but didn't notice anything, usual deal....the guy who hailed me after copped it.... the rear seat behind me was drenched!
No wonder she got out at the entrance to the estate and sat at a bus stop, I even asked her was she OK? and she replied saying she just needed a smoke!.
The guy was very nice, sat in beside me and allowed me to bring him home, many would have baulked at the idea of a seat full of piss behind them.
After I dropped him I went to a service station, removed the seat from it's anchors, dried it as best I could with newspaper and tissue, poured on a little TCP (it's all they had in the garage) then left it resting over the passenger seat with the heat on full blast and all of the vents pointing at it, by the time I got into the centre it felt pretty dry, so I replaced it, sat on it as a test, sprayed a bit of aftershave and worked on.....NEEDS MUST!
Nobody actually sat in that spot after all (apart from me) I just took one more job; a really nice lad just up from the west of Ireland who's loving life in Dublin, so I can't report any reaction and it'll get a "proper" clean tomorrow. so alls well I suppose?

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