Tuesday, 4 December 2007

The Driver of the John Daly murder cab speaks

Taxi man says he's 'on scrapheap' after gangland shooting

Sunday Independent December 02 2007

No one in Government or an Garda Siochana has contacted or offered any kind of assistance to the taxi driver and father of four young children who has been out of work since he was caught up in the assassination of the west Dublin criminal, John Daly, seven weeks ago.

Fran Kelly, 40, had his car taken from him for a period as evidence and, unable to work, is surviving on €397 a week in supplementary benefit. He is not entitled to unemployment benefit as he is self-employed.

Tomorrow, he and his wife are going into Dublin city centre to buy Christmas presents. "It won't be much but, thank God, the two youngest won't notice. They're only two and four months," he said.

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