Saturday, 8 December 2007

A Typical Returnee

I picked this idiot up at 3am, it was 3 degrees Celsius, wet and windy, he was wearing a Tee Shirt;

  • Idiot: It's bleedin' freezin' out there!
  • Roy: Maybe a few extra layers might have helped, it's hardly tee-shirt weather?
  • Idiot: Ah give us a break. I'm only back a week from Fiji, I've been away for a year.
  • Roy: All the more reason you should have more layers , sure you're not even acclimatised yet.
  • Idiot: This country's a shithole, it's too expensive, nothing to see or do, the women are ugly and you have to pay a tenner to travel a 100 yards in a Taxi.

Now you can say pretty much anything to me and I'll pretend to agree with you in an effort to keep the peace for the duration of the journey, but don't slag off Ireland like that unless you want a rebuke!

  • Roy: Well the World Health Organisation, using recognised methods for measuring living standards rated Ireland the 5th best place to live on the planet, People come here from far and wide to see Georgian Dublin, The Ring of Kerry, The Cliffs of Mohir I could go on! I doubt the women think you're an oil painting either, and yeah Taxis are expensive but we have to live here too!
That's not exactly how the conversation went but all the "Antis" where mentioned during the trip and the "pros "were offered in rebuke.

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