Thursday, 20 December 2007

Unrequited Lust

I picked up these two from the rank on Grafton Street, they'd been to Lillie's Bordello, a once glamorous hangout for celebs, fast losing this tag.
She got in first and said she was going to Rush and that we were to drop him off in Clontarf on the way. My heart sank, Rush is a suburb in the far outreaches of Dublin and would take me right out of it.
"NOOOO" says your man "take us to Rush then you can bring me home, I want to ensure this lady gets home safe"
This didn't help, the guy was polluted and I really wanted rid of him first and in any case his idea was to get into her bed, all three of us knew that.
As we drove she continued to insist he get out in Clontarf and he continued to argue to the contrary, he used all his tricks in an effort to "win her" he sang Dubliner's tunes, told her of his vast wealth, recalled the fun they had in the club etc.
By all accounts they had a good time and I feel he'd have been all right.... only she'd remained relatively sober and he was arsehole pissed.
Eventually he lost the plot and said how he could have picked up a slapper easily and how she was just a tease and worse, she was livid and asked me to stop insisting he leave the car.
I stopped and told him he was wasting his time, that he really should get out of the cab and hail another one, that it'd be a lot cheaper in the long run, I also said I was concerned about the return leg and my payment for the trip over-all.
With that he got all shirty and asked me was I looking for a fight and did I want to step outside, I gladly agreed, hoping he'd get out of the car then I could get her to close the door and leave him there, but no, he turned nice again, apologised to everyone, showed me a wallet full of fifties ....even gave me one as part payment, she calmed and off we went as before, her still insisting he was "going Home to his place"
Eventually we arrived in Rush, the fare was near enough €40 and she asked me to stop in her estate so that she could get out, (this was going to be interesting I thought) He said he'd walk her to her door, she replied that he was to stay in the car, she cried to me to stop him getting out of the car and told him that she would call the police if he came after her, she managed to get out and slam the door so I pulled off with him in the back, he sidled over to the same door she exited from and opened it, I pulled to a stop and he got out, with that I reversed back to the girl and she got back in, I brought her to her door which thankfully was a few hundred yards away around a corner, (she obviously didn't want this guy knowing where she lived?)
After dropping her I left the estate and the guy behind with a nice €10 tip, however I began feeling sorry for the poor idiot I'd left behind, he was stranded in the middle of a housing estate in the middle of nowhere....he was also unkilely to be able to guide a cab there if he called one and unlikely to see a passing cab either, I went back for him.
He hailed me down as I approached and I breached myself awaiting a conflict, but no. I could tell he didn't remember me or the cab.
"good night?" I asked, "great..." he said, "just left this bird sleeping in her bed, great shag"...... "OH! Fair play to you mate" I said, "where to?" ......"Sandymount" he said, not Clontarf as he'd told the girl, another €60 for your's truly and right back into the heart of things........ he slept for most of the trip
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