Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Best and the Worst Taxi Jobs

I was thinking about what the ten worst jobs and the ten best in the Taxi business were, this is what I came up with;

The Ten Worst;

10: Entertain Me; tell me a joke, what's the funniest fare you've had? what's the strangest fare you've had? You ain't paying me enough mate!

9 :.....The Comic, Ain't I great fun , isn't this the best job you've had all night? have you heard this one ? You're not that good!

8....The Singers ,please don't!

7....The Dope, I don't know where I'm going but it starts with a P, another mystery tour!

5....The long trip, it's mad busy and it takes you right out of it , with no hope of a return fare

6....The short trip, you queue an hour for a 750m job from the Green to Coppers, because she hasn't "worn in" the new shoes.

4....The Interrogator, are you busy, what time do you finish . ever had anyone famous...... blah blah blah

3....The Navigator, take this left, go right there, stop at the red light, can't you see I've already got a navigator with that feature turned off, it's not that clever to know your way home , even pigeons can do it!

2....The Sleeper, not someone nodding off after a busy day, more the person who falls unconcious from drink, one that when eventually woken doesn't know where they are or where they've been and is incapable of directing you the last 500m to their home

1....The Soiler, The person that pukes, pisses or spreads any foul substance on the upholstery

The ten best;

10 Entertain me; Someone that actually thinks I'm funny!

9 The Comic; I love a good joke

8 The Singers, Sing if your good at it

7 The Dope , You don't know where your going? quids in mate

6 The short trip, Best you can get when it's busy

5 The long trip, Quiet night , yes please

4 The Interrogator; I like a person that's genuinely interested in the game

3 The navigator, Thank god this guy is showing the way because I haven't a clue

2 The Sleeper, I can continue listening to "Off the ball "without interruption

1 The Soiler, If it's not too bad and you pay your €125 fine .....quids in!

It all depends on the circumstances I guess.........................

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