Saturday, 26 January 2008

The Melting Pot

On Friday afternoon I went with my wife to "Winters" in the Dundrum Town Centre for an impromptu meal.
We were met by a lovely Polish girl with a beaming smile who led us to our table, our drinks order was taken by a Chinese lad and the order was delivered promptly, our meal orders; I had a Thai Green Curry and my wife had the Chicken Fahjita, were taken and delivered to the table by two Indian lads.
As my meal was put on the tabe, an Irish lad commented that it looked nice and asked me what it was, "Thai curry" I replied and offered him a taste, he sampled a little chicken and announced "Ah yeah, I'll have a bit of that", ..........that's typical Irish.
Back in the eighties NONE of the above would have happened, people say that with the influx of non-Irish people into the service industry that visitors to the country no longer meet meet the Irish, but they do, they meet them out and about enjoying themselves, which is when the Irish are at their best and believe me, the "overall experience" they have now compared to the "good old days" is far superior.
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