Sunday, 27 January 2008

Pub and Club Classifications

Very tired tonight so I'm just going to jot down an observation;
Whilst driving people around I'm often asked what some club or pub is like, questions such as, what sort of music is played? Is it expensive? and the like are frequently asked.
Now I've never set foot in 95% of these clubs and I get differing opinions about all of them from people who like particular spots and from those that don't.
The solution I've found to this problem that works very well for me, is to look for a girl on the street, that's dressed like the girls I drop to the club in question and say "girls that look like her go there".
Instantly, the passengers can tell the type of music the prices and whether or not they'd like it.
What I suggest is, that each club should have a picture of the typical girl that goes to their venue on the wall outside;
A nice country girl with a cheap hairdo....Coppers/ Flannerys, Tramco etc
A girl in designer gear.....Krystle/ Cafe En Seine,Rom Blacks etc
A Rock chick.....Carnival, Voodoo etc
A yummy Mummy; Reynards , Lillies
A not so yummy mummy ; the Arlington Bo jangles
A Baby; Redz, Barcode
You get the idea?

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